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See What A Young Nigerian Tech Blogger Has To Say About The Tecno Camon X Pro

According to Tobi Ayeni, a young but very tech passionate Nigerian lady, here are what you should know about the newly released Tecno Camon X pro.

                    TECNO CAMON X PRO REVIEW

First off, the specs: 
As said in the review, Tecno has made a couple of design changes to the X Pro, so, you no longer have the chunky bezels in front and the metallic build at the back. Instead, you get a near bezel-less display paired with a plastic build at the back;

Now, one thing I love about the design is the gold rims around the device that gives off this premium look.

Now the X Pro spans at 6-inch:
But thanks to aspect ratio and the build, it is not as big or as heavy as the zero 5.

What I don’t like about the design, though, is the camera bump, something that was missing on the Camon CX.

Now, while this is noticeable it is not a deterrent by any means. Overall it is not a bad looking phone, but we all know that the design is nothing without the display.

The X Pro comes with a full HD display, and as far as the quality is concerned, it is quite good, and to give you a better understanding, take a look at the picture on both device below:

I noticed that the picture on the X Pro is a lot more detailed than that on the Zero 5. It is bright enough, well contrasted, and it got good viewing angles.

Want to know what else got good viewing angles? Well, the Camera!


On the X Pro’s camera interface, you get an easier access to the different angles, or should I say different aspect ratios.  These aspect ratios allow you to control the size of the picture and how much content you can fit into one shot.

And far as the back camera is concerned, there’s no upgrade here, you still get the same 16MP back-facing camera that was spotted on the CX.

And in terms of the quality, it’s quite okay, it is detailed and saturated enough.

But I noticed that the pictures tend to be a bit grainy in low light, although, I think this applies to most mid-range cameras.

Up front is a different story, so instead of two selfie cameras like you were probably expecting, you get one 24mp front facing camera.
Now the benefit of having two cameras is depth sensing, the ability to detect the background and create this blurry background effect that you get on most DSLRs, and because the X Pro doesn’t come with a secondary camera it uses software to artificially create that bokeh effect, and for the most part it does a good job.

But like most bokeh effect taken with a smartphone camera, you tend to notice that the edges, especially for us ladies with wigs, tend to blur out with the background.

As for the quality of the 24mp front camera, I’d say its amazing. In good lighting condition, the selfies I took with it were quite detailed, I love how saturated it looked. And in low lighting condition, you tend to notice the same noise problem that was spotted the back camera:

But this isn’t as bad as you’d expect, it actually handled low light photography to an extent.
To be honest, I think they did a pretty good job with the front camera on the X pro

Another thing that has been integrated into the X pro is screen flash. Yes, you still get the dual LED flash in front, but Tecno has also baked in a selfie flash that gives you this soft flash effect.
As for the video quality, I noticed that the X pro has video stabilization in-built, but while I was using it I still saw some shakes.
Now one of the things I do not like about the camera setup on the X Pro is the fact that this lacks pro mode.

I wonder why Tecno doesn’t have that integrated. But it lacks pro mode to boost the pictures just like BES loudness busts the audio.


Tecno has integrated a feature called BES loudness that boosts the audio quality to an extent.

Still on the hardware, the fingerprint sensor is still placed at the back of the device, and it is still as fast and efficient as expected.

What was unexpected is the battery life. This comes with a 3750mAh battery capacity that lasts a while despite the 6-inch screen.

And as far as the screen on time is concerned, I got about 4-8hours of screen on time, there’s also the fact that this comes with OTG, so you can use this phone to charge other phones. Now charging this takes about 2hours 30 minutes, less than the S3, but bear in mind that the S3 has a larger battery capacity than the X Pro.

Want to know what other feature is better than the S3’s, well the face Id.


Tecno has integrated the Face ID feature into the X Pro and just like the S3, the X Pro doesn’t have a dedicated sensor for that, instead, it uses the front camera to detect your face.

So far, it has performed well! It’s also fast, even faster than the S3’s Face ID.
On the software front, you have Android 8.1  out of the box along with Tecno’s skin, it’s the HiOS 3.0

One thing I  noticed during my experience with the HiOS is the fact that you can’t swipe up to access the app drawer, instead, you’d have to click on the capacitive button. Once you’re in the app drawer you cannot uninstall an application automatically, but in order to rectify that, you need to go to the home screen, from there you’d select the standard launcher option.
Now, this comes with a couple of bloatware, some of which can be uninstalled:
And others which can’t:

Speaking of the storage, you have a large 64gb of storage on this device with the MicroSD slot


You don’t get Snapdragon processor, instead, you get a Helio P23 processor, it’s a MediaTek processor that is clocked at 2ghz and paired with 4GBs of ram. Now all of that translates to a superb multitasking experience. I had no issues with multitasking during my time with the device same thing applies to playing heavy games or applications

While the X Pro comes with a few shortcomings, like the fact that this uses a plastic build, and you know no QHD—Yes! I’m aiming for the stars— Not to mention the fact that this doesn’t come with pro mode in the camera set up. There are also a few main selling points, like the big screen and that aspect ratio and that massive front-facing camera, as well as the incredible face ID, but the question is are these good enough upgrades for you to make that switch?.

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